Custom Skylights – You Choose the Size, Shape and Glass Type

If you have a drawing or know the exact dimensions of your opening, call us, or go to our custom skylights page and request a quote. We will respond within one business day. Also, check out speciality glass options on our Glazing Options page.

Best Uses for Custom Skylights

Camino specialises in custom-size skylights, shapes, and specialist glass, all made in our
very own factory. Custom skylights take extra time, so plan ahead. Most custom orders are
filled in three to four weeks.


Health and Mood

Add a larger skylight to provide a feeling of openness, warmth from the sun’s rays, and an outside view. Natural light reduces SAD effects in winter.


Renovation Projects

Custom-designed to enhance the space and meet the architectural and lighting needs of your home


Roof Skylight Replacements

Match the old skylight dimensions exactly


Architectural Design

Appropriate proportions, size and number of skylights for your needs


Uniquely Shaped Areas

Requiring special skylight shapes, like rounded entryways and porticoes, triangular-shaped ceilings, long narrow halls, bathrooms, and kitchen extensions.

Old Skylight Replacement

Custom size skylights are extremely helpful when doing a skylight replacement, as we can match the old skylight opening exactly.  Older skylights can be found in every size and cannot always be matched with in-stock skylights. To ensure a proper fit, a good interior finish, and energy efficiency, in addition to a leak-free seal, the skylight should be a very close fit to the existing opening. Why not check our 3-step installation guide to get a better understanding of how to install our products?

New Roof Replacements with Existing Skylights

New roof replacements with existing skylights should almost always include replacing skylights. This is crucial as older skylights are highly likely to be damaged by the roofing tear-off process, eventually causing leaks even months after the roof has been installed. Older skylights are also probably much less energy-efficient than today’s designs, and often have wooden frames and/or plastic-covered frames that can rot and degrade from the sun’s UV rays, and may even be made with brittle, yellowed and hazy plastic panes.  

Send a request for your custom skylights

Request a price for a bespoke skylight to suit your needs by filling out the custom skylight form and our team will be happy to assist you with your project. This form will take you no more than 2 minutes to complete, so why not give it a try

Custom Skylight
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