Inspired by Rivers…

…Lakes, Cliffs, and the Ocean; these Resin River Dining Tables are the perfect way bring nature into the heart of your home in the most stunning way. Specially selected live edge wood slabs mimic the sweeping meanders of rivers and the rocky coastlines which make up some of the Earths most outstanding views. We don’t use any old piece of wood with a live edge, we look for pieces that invoke our imaginations and can be thoughtfully composed, and not forced to work. It is our goal for your table to connect with you on a personal level and become a meaningful piece in your home.

These tables are true statement pieces and it’s our goal for them to be loved enjoyed by your family and guests. Each table is finished with durable Hardwax Oil that is child and pet safe as well as packed full of natural oils that bring out the exceptional beauty in the wood grain and making the resin pop!

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We use local, sustainably sourced, and salvaged live edge wood slabs and give them a new life by casting them with an eco-friendly and sustainable epoxy resin to create a solid and unbreakable bond as well as a making a completely unique feature to each table.

All tables are fully customised by each of our customers and are unique to each other. We offer broad range of tables for all purposes such as:

  • dining tables
  • coffee tables
  • side tables
  • sideboards
  • river desks
  • traditional wood tables without resin.

We also have an extensive choice of legs made from wood, steel and cast iron. All our tables are available to order in any size depending on your application.

Quotes may differ as each table is calculated individually and factors such as the amount of resin, and grade of timber you choose will affect the final cost.

Send your bespoke inquiry and receive quote from our team.

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If you’d prefer to talk to us about your own personal River Table then please contact us either via email to or via phone on 020 3633 8248 or 07466 82 44 01.
The current waiting time is 6 weeks from order placement.


Please note that our tables are NOT SUITABLE for use directly next to, or above a heat source such as a fire or a radiator.
This may lead to damage of the product which we would not be responsible for.