Lead Flashing Textured 450mm x 5m Roll Grey

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Easy-Trim Lead R Textured Flashing is a high performance, BBA certified, textured lead replacement that can be used in both flat and pitched roof applications.

This product is made of sheet aluminium with a protective anti-corrosion coating and a high performance butyl adhesive on the underside. Installation is quick and simple with no special tools required, it can be cut with either a knife or scissors.

Easy-Trim Lead R Textured Flashing has a unique corrugated pattern so it is easy to form and to adapt to various surfaces. This malleability ensures the permanent water tightness of the product and an attractive appearance every time.

Technical Data

  • Colour: Grey
  • Surface finish: Textured / Smooth
  • Temperature resistance: -40°c / +90°c
  • Minimum working temp: +5°C
  • Life expectancy: Minimum 20 yrs
  • Resistant against corrosion and UV degradation: Yes
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