Following the latest government requirements and building regulations on buildings over 14m in height, non-combustibility product specs for all façade products have become a must. All developers now have to start thinking about the materials used on the building façade, their performance and the longevity of products. Aluminium is a proven metal widely used in the construction industry. It is easy to work with and can be shaped into almost any shape and type of product.

Camino aluminium decking is non-combustible and comes in various colours and styles, and we have it in stock ready for your next project.

Customers’ common question 

Frequently asked by our customers is, “Does aluminium decking get hot?” Recognizing the recurrent nature of this inquiry, we’ve crafted this informative article to address it. There’s a common misconception that Camino Decking, being crafted from aluminium, would inevitably become uncomfortably warm during summer months. However, that assumption is incorrect!

Thanks to Camino Decking’s unique powder coating, it maintains a comfortable temperature even when exposed to the sun’s heat. You can confidently stroll barefoot on it, relishing the hottest of summer days, without discomfort. Additionally to the unique powder coating, this is made possible by its hollow structure allowing the heat to dissipate uniformly.

What is thermal conductivity and how is it related to aluminium decking?

Thermal conductivity refers to a material’s capacity to conduct and distribute heat energy throughout its volumetric surface. A higher value indicates faster heat transfer across the surface. Typically, materials with lower thermal conductivity are preferred for insulation purposes. They absorb less heat from their surroundings, aiding in maintaining the interior temperature of a building. Conversely, materials with higher thermal conductivity are employed in exterior shells or cladding to facilitate swift dissipation of heat, resulting in a more rapid cooling process.

Thermal conductivity and how we used it to benefit you

Now that we understand the excellent thermal conductivity of aluminium, how does that benefit our deck boards? Aluminium decking effectively adjusts to the surrounding temperature, unlike traditional timber or composite decking, which often retain heat long after exposure. With more electrons than its counterparts, aluminum allows heat to evenly permeate through, dispersing it across the decking’s surface. This prevents any specific area from becoming excessively hot and uncomfortable for walking.

abbey house

A balcony with aluminium decking in RAL7040 Window Grey

But aluminium is metal, how is this possible?

Camino Decking profiles feature a hollow structure design, facilitating airflow that promotes quicker cooling, unlike solid materials used in plastic and timber decking. This design serves as a temperature regulator, preventing the accumulation of heat in any specific area, even with prolonged exposure to sunlight throughout the day. After all, nobody relishes the thought of scorching their bare feet on a hot summer day!

Environmental impact

When we designed Camino Decking, sustainability was a key point for us. This is the reason we went for aluminium decking boards instead of other metals. Aluminium is in the top 5 of the most recyclable building materials. Being able to recycle a certain material numerous amount of times gives it many green credentials for our planet. This is why we make sure that at least 70% of the aluminium used for our boards is from recycled aluminium. In addition, working with recycled aluminium requires only about 5% of the energy required to work with virgin aluminium.

Powder coating and how does it help control the temperature of your decking?

Last but certainly not least, Camino Decking goes beyond standard powder coating. We implement QualiCoat technology, applying a thicker layer of powder coating designed to mitigate heat absorption. This insulation feature ensures that the aluminium decking remains comfortably warm to the touch, preventing overheating. Rigorously tested under extreme conditions, including ambient temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius, this coating guarantees durability and minimal colour deterioration. With Camino Decking, your deck will maintain its pristine appearance year after year.

Colour of choice

For gardens or balconies that are south-facing and are prone to ample sun exposure, we highly recommend opting for lighter colour options. Light colours have a lower heat retention, while also visually expanding the space, creating an illusion of spaciousness. Light aluminium deck boards complement darker window colours seamlessly. We take pride in our recent project on Baker Street, London, showcasing the stunning Window Grey RAL7040 colour scheme.

Abbey House Project

The fire-rated RAL7040 was developed for this project – Abbey House and the client had to wait 8 weeks for the delivery of the aluminium decking boards. But look at the result. We managed to achieve amazingly aesthetically pleasing balconies. And the contrast between the anthracite grey windows and the window grey decking made it even better. Morning coffee on your new aluminium decking whilst overlooking Regents Park is something we still think about!

abbey house

Abbey House, Baker Street, London

What other properties does the coating have?

Additionally, the coating is A2 fire-rated and has non-slip technology so you can walk outside on your decking even on wet days without worrying about slipping. A2 fire rating means that it achieves the highest possible standard according to the latest government requirements for a coated metal allowing Camino Decking to be used on new and old buildings.

Low maintenance decking

We take pride in the fact that our developed powder coating ensures that dirt does not accumulate on top of our aluminium boards, leading to minimal maintenance requirements. This stands in stark contrast to solid timber decking, which necessitates annual treatment. With our aluminum decking, simply fill a bucket with lukewarm soapy water and wipe it down with a soft mop every six months. This easy upkeep will keep your entire deck looking brand new indefinitely.

camino decking

Camino aluminium decking sample including aluminium joist and spigot


To address the query, “Does aluminum decking get hot?” We rely on both scientific analysis and real-world testing. Owing to its inherent properties, Camino aluminum decking indeed absorbs heat relatively swiftly when exposed to direct sunlight. However, its hollow structure facilitates the dispersion of heat throughout its entirety, enabling it to dissipate from all angles. Moreover, the specialized powder coating, aside from its fire-rating attributes, also functions as insulation, absorbing some of the heat. While aluminum decking may warm up faster than solid timber and composite (plastic) alternatives, it also cools down notably quicker, ensuring comfortable walking even on the hottest summer days.

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