When the term “decking” is mentioned, most individuals immediately think of traditional solid timber decking, from which the term originated. However, in the past 4-5 years, there has been a notable emergence of aluminium decking as an alternative option. While its market share remains smaller compared to traditional options, it is steadily gaining traction. Aluminium decking boasts unique qualities that set it apart from its competitors, namely timber and composite (also known as plastic) decking. In the following sections, we will delve into the distinctive features of aluminium decking and explore its cost considerations.

Aluminium decking systems offer durability, adhere to specific fire-rating standards, boast an impressive lifespan, and demand minimal maintenance. These attributes render them a highly appealing option for a wide array of projects, whether new constructions or renovations. However, it is imperative to thoroughly evaluate the advantages and disadvantages before embarking on any decking project.

One such aluminium decking system is Camino Decking, tailor-made to meet the demand for a fire-rated product among both housebuilders and homeowners.

Advantages and drawbacks of aluminium decking

Aluminium decking has become a mandatory choice for all builders when it comes to outdoor decked areas due to its non-combustible nature and exceptional durability. Building regulations now dictate the use of non-combustible decking, a criterion that only aluminium decking meets. Moreover, aluminium decking often surpasses these regulations, making it a preferred choice among architects and developers. However, providing a simple cost estimate without fully understanding the specifics of your project would be irresponsible, as several factors influence pricing, such as build-up requirements, types of fixings used, and colour preferences.

We strongly advise consulting with an expert before proceeding with any decision. Just as you wouldn’t purchase a car part without proper knowledge, selecting a decking product without assurance of its suitability would be unwise. Our team is here to guide you through the available options and take into account all relevant factors concerning your project. If you’re hesitant about initiating a conversation with a stranger, this post aims to assist in making that decision.

How much does aluminium decking cost?

Several factors can influence the aluminium decking price either up or down, so here are a few to draw a line.

Trading price of aluminium

Starting with what may be considered the most crucial factor: the price of aluminium per tonne on the London Metal Exchange (LME). This price fluctuates daily, akin to any other commodity, and is influenced by a multitude of factors, including the availability of raw materials, geopolitical conditions, and international conflicts. While some of these factors can cause significant day-to-day price fluctuations, major shifts in the price per tonne of raw aluminium are likely to impact the cost of the finished product. However, it’s uncommon to observe substantial changes in the price of finished aluminium decking immediately, as trade prices typically lag behind significant shifts on the LME by a few months. Unless you have direct governmental influence over the price of raw aluminium, we advise against dwelling too much on this matter. Certainly, we don’t.

raw aluminium

Raw aluminium tubes

The make-up of a decking system

Typically, you would have some level of control over this aspect. An aluminium decking system typically consists of decking boards, aluminium joists, pedestals, screws, and fixings. This setup ensures a fully supported decked area. However, when fixing an aluminium decking to a steel-supported balcony, there’s flexibility to adjust components such as joists, cleats, and fixings, potentially reducing overall costs. In many cases, joists can be omitted entirely from steel frame balconies, provided the steel structure adequately supports the deck. Moreover, consideration should be given to the build-up height. Whether overcoming a significant build-up or dealing with a minimal one, the need for specialist products may arise, impacting the overall price.

Standard colours

Camino Decking has 6 standard colours available to all customers. That includes three RAL colours and 3 wooden effect colours. RAL colours are RAL7016 Anthracite Grey, RAL7040 Window Grey and RAL7030 Stone Grey. You can find them all available on our website. We are most proud of the recently completed project on Baker Street, London in the stunning Window Grey RAL7040.

The woodgrain colours we currently have in stock are Walnut, Oak and Grey Ash.

Bespoke colours

If you would like your balcony to be a one-off with a standalone colour nobody has ever seen before it would bring an extra cost for the setup and make of the colour on our system. Each of the colours listed above is designed and produced for us and it takes a few weeks to manufacture a new colour.

Board span

We have calculated that 4 meters is the optimal length for our decking boards. This length fits all applications with minimal waste allowing you to use the least amount of joists and spigots. Which drives the overall cost down. Custom board lengths are also possible, but have to bear in mind that shorter decking boards would result in using a higher amount of joists and pedestals, which would therefore increase the overall cost.


The price of an installed decking system is likely to change if you want to install it on a balcony or terrace. On a terrace, the system needs an uplift with joists and pedestals, which would cost more than a system attached directly to a steel frame balcony. Likewise, as you are aware the installation on the first or second-story balcony would cost significantly less than that of a 50th-floor rooftop terrace. High-rise terraces and balconies are susceptible to high-speed winds and may need additional lifting solutions. They also may require additional certificates for the installers depending on the local legislation.

So why does the price of aluminium decking change from one supplier to another?

We have looked at the most likely factors that can affect the price of an end product or system. However, you could never fully understand why two companies offer similar products for a completely different price.

There could be many factors that influence the price a company gives such as desired profit margins, internal and marketing costs, market share and placement, and many more. But these are not specific to the product you are after and are out of your control.

aluminium decking board

Camino aluminium decking board section

Quality of materials and products

One crucial aspect to consider when evaluating the price of aluminium decking is the quality of materials and manufacturing processes employed by the supplier. For instance, investing in advanced powder-coating robots reflects a commitment to high standards. While this might seem like an unnecessary expense, ensuring durable coatings is essential for customer satisfaction and repeat business. Some companies prioritize top-tier products, sparing no expense to deliver long-lasting quality, while others offer functional but less enduring alternatives.

There are two simple ways to check if you are paying for the quality you deserve. First, check the warranty offered. A good quality product would have a long warranty, as the supplier would believe in what is offering. The second way to test quality is to ask for a sample. This does not guarantee anything, but it gives you a first impression of how your end product will look like.

So, how much does aluminium decking cost?

We have spoken enough about the factors affecting the price of aluminium decking. And we suspect you may have already been aware of most of the above-mentioned factors. But if we had given you a straight answer would you have understood why? We will leave it up to you to draw the line and think about how to use the information.

Here are ballpark figures which you would expect to pay for different variations of the systems available on the market. These aluminium decking prices will likely vary for the size of your project and do not include the cost of installation.

  1. Aluminium decking boards only – £100-£120 per m2
  2. Aluminium decking on a waterproofed substrate including substructure – £150-£190 per m2
  3. Aluminium decking on a steel frame balcony including substructure – £130-£150 per m2

In conclusion

It’s always good to have an idea of the aluminium decking pricing before you go ahead with anything. Even though we can give you approximate figures, we can never give you an exact cost without talking to us and having a look at your project in more detail. But we would leave the question of how we form our pricing for another post.

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