Reasons to choose Camino Decking for your next project

Selecting the right materials for your project always plays a key part in performance over the years down the line. The same goes for selecting the right decking that suits you best. Balcony or terrace? It plays an important role in which system you would select for the application. If you are ready to make that decision read the blog post below, we will guide you through our decking systems and help you make that important decision.


Camino Contractors look at every project as a unique entity and we never treat two projects or clients the same. We believe that there are never two projects exactly the same and have to make sure we take into consideration every single detail to ensure things run smoothly from start to end. Our team have over 30 years of experience working with aluminium and we use this experience to guide you through every step.

Camino Decking systems are non-combustible, non-slip, durable and have a variety of colours and shapes available to suit your application. We used that experience to make sure we covered every possible configuration to create your perfect non-combustible decking system.


Working closely with architects, designers, developers, and housing associations to achieve high standards for their decking projects. We are dedicated to delivering safe and high-quality solutions to ensure great success for everyone involved. Our team of experts are here to guide and support you.

Design Stage

Every project starts with a vision and possibly a design in your head. Sometimes design ideas come later down the line, but that should not worry you. You should always start by selecting the most suitable decking for your project. Will it match the aesthetics of your project and vision? Will it be the best option for the application? This is why we start working with you right from the start to answer all of these questions and ensure you make the right decision.

At the design stage, we aim to gather as much information about your project needs and any potential obstacles that may come your way. Sometimes you may not have all the answers and you would want to collaborate with an architect or designer to provide you with the technical knowledge needed. And that is ok. We will work closely with them to find the best system for you.

Once you have chosen the system, we will work together to find the most effective design. That would include decking board length and shape. If required, we would also provide training to your project management team to ensure a smooth process throughout.

3D Design of a landscape house

3D Design of a landscaped house

Scope of Works

Once we have finalized the design, you would have to start thinking about the required quantities and how we can minimize wastage. This is crucial as it lies with our environmental policy and aims to be the greenest aluminium decking company on the market. A simple board length change can sometimes lead to reducing waste by as much as 30%.

Procurement Stage

The next step is to consider procurement, site logistics, pricing and credit line or payment terms. This is why we work with quantity surveyors and project managers to confirm budget, product selection, specification and delivery plan. It allows us to deliver the best value at the correct price for your project.


Extrusion is now completed, and your aluminium decking is packed and ready to be delivered to you. The delivery stage is the one that usually requires the most planning and management of all trades. You want your decking to be delivered right on time, so you don’t have to worry about on-site storage if the decking gets to you too early. You also don’t want to delay the project because your decking has not arrived yet.


Your decking is now with you and it is time for it to be installed. You want to make sure it is done correctly and by competent operatives passing all quality checks. This is why we have trained installers and supervisors to install your new decking. If you however would like to use installers you trust, we always recommend them to get the necessary training from us. If you go down the route of using third-party installers, we would be happy to do a QA on their work once completed. That way you will have a piece of mind everything has been done up to standard.

Project Handover

Your new aluminium decking is now installed. All there is left to do is to remove protection and a competent person to do a handover. Once a project is handed over to you, you must ensure you are happy with everything including no scratches on your decking boards, level decked area, correctly installed trims and edges, and all-around quality finish.

It’s now time for you to enjoy your new decking for years to come!

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