Skylight 1000×2200

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Key features

  • Triple Glazed
  • Internal Glass size 1000×2200
  • External Glass size 1200×2400

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Skylight features

  • Top Glass Pane: 6mm BS EN 12150 Thermally Toughened Glass
  • Spacer Type: 15mm Black Warm Edge, Argon Gas sealed Unit
  • Middle Glass Pane: 4mm BS EN 12150 Thermally Toughened Glass
  • Spacer Type: 15mm Black Warm Edge, Argon Gas sealed Unit
  • Bottom Glass Pane: 44.2 Low E; BS EN 14449 Laminated Glass
  • U Value: as low as 0.6 W/m²K
  • UV Protected: Yes
  • 20-year unit seal warranty
  • Easy clean glass as standard
  • Clear Tint

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Installation Guide

Structural opening – to be done by builder

Our Skylights sizes are the sizes of the bottom (internal) glass panel. The top panel is stepped by 100mm on each side, and the overall externally visible size is 200mm bigger in both directions. (Click to see fig 1).

Step 1

To create the upstand, we recommend the use of good quality roofing timber that is 50-75mm wide. We recommend constructing an upstand at a 5o degrees angle to help shed water off the glass.

Step 2

Seal the roof flight to the upstand using a high-quality glazing silicone (we recommend using DOW CORNING 791 Weatherproof Silicon)


Be careful what silicones you are using to install and weather tight your Skylight. We recommend the above products as fully compatible with our glazing unit silicones.

A chemical incompatibility between silicones used in manufacturing the glazing unit and installing it can lead to discolouration and/or loss of adhesion to the substrate. Which means possible depressurization of the glazing unit (allowing moisture to penetrate inside the glazing unit and internal condense), not sufficient bonding to the support structure and poor weather tightness (possible leaks).

Step 3

Add a timber baton to the underside of the roof flight to help support the internal pane of the roof flight. This step is critical in the installation of the roof light as failure to do this may result in the roof flight becoming unsafe.

Additional information

Weight115 kg
Dimensions245 × 10 × 125 cm
Optional Upgrades

Base price, Choice of specialist glass, Different glass tints, Modular sizes up to 10m available




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