The heat loss that we experience through the different components of our homes, i.e., windows, floor, external walls, and the roof is defined as the thermal performance of a building. This is also known as the U-value. This value represents the rate at which we experience heat loss if there is a temperature difference of 1 degree Kelvin. Or in simpler words, how much heat we lose from different components of the building. A lower value indicates the higher performance of a given product. This is because the heat transmits slower through it and performs as an insulator. The lower the overall U-values of a building, the less energy it will require to maintain comfortable conditions.

Although carbon usage is a major contributor to your development’s environmental performance, thermal insulation is also incredibly important. By making sure you’re ticking all the boxes, you can find yourself with a home or property for sale that is of the highest energy efficiency achieving low U-values and worth more money while costing less to run.

With the recent energy price increase, there is a greater demand for high-performance buildings. The UK government has issued a statement that all building regulations will become stricter and will now require lower U-value to be achieved on all new builds and refurbishments. Your finances will also take less of a hit as energy bills will suddenly become a lot more affordable due to a reduced reliance on your boiler. This will cut your carbon footprint, consequently helping the environment.

What U-values you should look out for

To start off with, you should always ensure all glazing units and skylights are fitted with triple glazing as an absolute minimum. They should also have a low e-coating and argon gas filling: the low e-coating works to bounce radiant heat energy from the inside back in, with argon gas adding a heavier load to the air, reducing the speed of convection and heat escape. You should also consider the specification of glazing and coatings – unsurprisingly, those with a higher spec will have more impact.

The best way to make your home more energy efficient is by ensuring that the materials used in your home are of top quality. Camino have taken into consideration this, and all skylights are triple-glazed, achieving industry-leading U-value as low as 0.6 W/m2K. U-values so low that building standards will allow you to install bigger size glass on your roof.

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